Belkin Valet Charger™ Power Pack

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The Valet Charger is more than just a powerful 6700 mAh portable battery. A built-in Magnetic Charging Module offers a battery boost for the Apple Watch when on the go, while a USB port connects via Lightning cable* to simultaneously charge your iPhone. With 2 Amp total power, this 2-in-1 portable battery delivers 1 Amp to optimally charge the Apple Watch, and 1 Amp to charge your iPhone. The Valet Charger is the perfect partner to keep your devices charged, anywhere.

*Cable not included*




1. Quality connectors
2. Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Module 
3. Low noise inductor 
4.Temperature sensors 
5.Aluminum shell finish
6.Input voltage
7. Battery regulation
8. Battery protection 
9. CPU controller
10. LED indicator lights 
11. Micro USB port 
12. USB port

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