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Jawbone UP4 Fitness Tracker

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A dashboard of your activities isn't enough.
That's why we created Smart Coach.
Our exclusive intelligence engine that turns
raw data into your personal fitness advisor.
No pain. All gain.

World-class sensors capture how you move,
sleep and more. And because the firmware can be
easily updated you will always have the best,
most current features available.
UP connects to most of the apps and devices
you may already be using. UP is a smart and
convenient touchpoint in your digital world.

Soon, you'll find yourself making better choices everyday.
And every one of these small victories is actually
a goal in itself. UP: It's how to get there from here.
Tracks Steps, Exercise, and Calories
Wrist-Based Heart Rate Data
Sleep Monitoring
Food Logging and Smart Coach via App
Smart Vibration Alarm
AMEX Contactless Payments
Battery Lasts Up to 7 Days