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The Twelve South PlugBug World is an ingenious device that creates a dual charger and international power adapter using your existing MacBook power adapter. PlugBug World allows you to power up your MacBook and iPhone or iPad/iPad mini from one outlet, in any major country, using one of five included international plugs.

Use PlugBug World locally to charge your MacBook and iPhone at the same time from one outlet. When you travel, put PlugBug World in your bag and you have one charger that can be used to power two devices pretty much anywhere. PlugBug World also works as an international USB charger for iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini.

The powerful 10-watt PlugBug World can charge your iPad up to four times faster than your MacBook and will charge an iPad mini two times faster than the factory charger.

PlugBug World piggybacks onto all MacBook power adapters. Clear out all of the extra cables and chargers in your bag and replace them with one bright red PlugBug World.

  • Charge MacBook and iPhone or iPad simultaneously from one power outlet worldwide
  • Doubles as an international power adapter for MacBook
  • Powerful 10 watts (2.1 amps) provides fast charge
  • Works as a stand-alone, international charger for iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini
  • Includes five international snap-on plugs
  • Compact, must-have device for world travelers
  • Use locally as a dual charger for MacBook and iPhone/iPad
  • Brightly colored simple, elegant design
  • Fits all Magsafe 2 and Magsafe MacBook power adapters

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