LaCie 2TB Rugged USB-C Mobile Hard Drive
LaCie 2TB Rugged USB-C Mobile Hard Drive
LaCie 2TB Rugged USB-C Mobile Hard Drive


LaCie 2TB Rugged USB-C Mobile Hard Drive

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Next-Generation USB-C Computers

No up/down or left/right orientation means there’s no wrong way to connect the USB-C cable.

Any PC/Mac with USB 3.0

Connect to any existing computer using the included USB-C to USB adapter cable. Ship your project to a client without worrying about compatibility.

Fast Transfer Speeds

With a 5Gb/s interface, you can quickly transfer footage, browse large photo libraries without lag, and perform backups fast.

Space for Today and Tomorrow

Featuring one of the market’s highest storage capacity for its size, the LaCie Rugged USB-C gives you enough space to store your digital present—and future. Massive capacity lets you use the LaCie Rugged as a shuttle drive to transport footage from set to post-production or to store a huge Lightroom library.

Tough Storage for When the Going Gets Rough

Featuring the market's highest storage, Creative pros have been depending on LaCie Rugged drives for over a decade because they are the most reliable way to transport and capture data in the field. With resistance to drops, crush, rain, and unauthorized access, the LaCie Rugged USB-C is tough enough for extreme conditions—from a sudden rainstorm to a crush of suitcases in an airplane cargo hold.