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BML EasyPay Service. For installment upto 24 months.

Swipe Your Card with BML EasyPay from Add-on Store.

BML EasyPay lets Bank of Maldives American Express Credit Card members make repayments over a specific installment period for goods purchased at selected retailers. Cardmembers can enjoy financial flexibility as a separate BML EasyPay credit limit, equivalent to the existing credit card limit, is made available. The existing credit limit available for normal purchase of goods or services will not change.

Key Features

Repayment can be spread over

    • 03 Months
    • 06 Months
    • 12 Months
    • 18 Months
    • 24 months

Interest is charged at 5% per annum

The monthly installment and the monthly interest amount will be billed to your credit card statement on the statement date.

    Currently available for All Bank of Maldives American Express Credit Card holders. (AMEX). 

    Our Range of Products available on Installment Plans

      • iPhone
      • Apple Watch
      • MacBook Pro 
      • MacBook Air
      • MacBook
      • Mac Pro
      • iPad Pro
      • iPad Mini
      • iPad Air
      • iPad
      • iPod
      • Apple TV
      • Time Capsules
      • Airport Express
      • All Apple Accessories and many more.

    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

    Where is your Store located?
    We are located at Chaandhanee Magu, next to Linchpin Cosmetics store. Please follow this link to locate us. 

    Can I use my VISA Credit Card for this?

    No. But you can apply for an additional AMEX card sharing the same limit as your VISA Credit from bank without any additional cost. Application form for applying to Additional card is available at Add-on Store.

    Can I apply for an Additional card from Add-on Store?
    Yes you can, we can submit your application form to BML without any charges where Bank will contact you in 4 working days when your card is ready for collection.

    Do I need to have balance on my AMEX credit card to use this service?
    Absolutely NOT. BML EasyPay limit is a separate limit provided by bank equivalent to your current limit which you can use even if you don't have available balance.
    ie: if your credit limit is $1,000, BML gives you an extra $1,000 for EasyPay service where you can fully utilize in an outlet where this service is available.

    Can I make an Initial upfront payment and pay balance on Installment?

    Yes, you can pay any upfront amount you would prefer and distribute the remaining balance to your installment period which extends upto 24 months.

    My preferred purchase value is higher than my limit. What should I do?

    We got you covered. You can pay the difference upfront by cash or from any other VISA or AMEX debit card of your choice. i.e: if your purchase value is 20,000 and your limit is 15,000, you can pay the difference of 5,000 by cash or card and set the remaining balance of 15,000 into BML EasyPay Installment plan.

    Is this scheme available only for 1 item or can I mix my order?
    You can mix your order starting from devices to its accessories equivalent to your set limit provided from Bank of Maldives.

    I want a custom configuration for my purchase? 
    Yes you can order for a custom configuration on this scheme, however delivery time of your order would take 14 business days. Please mail us your configuration to with subject "BML Easypay" and we will contact you or visit our store

    Any Warranty for my Purchases?

    Your purchases are covered under AppleCare 1 year Service and Parts Warranty.
    This warranty can be extended before due period to enjoy another year of coverage. 

    Do you sell only Apple Products?
    We only sell products from Apple and its accessories from our store, Authorized by Local Distributer and Regional Stockist of Apple in Maldives.
    We are also Authorized Reseller to many other Third Party vendors which produces accessories for Apple. Please visit our collection to view more.

    For more information, please contact Add-on store at 3327753, 3357753 or email us at


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