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What is AirMask™?

At SwitchEasy, we are always at the forefront of manufacturing technologies and design. AirMask™ is not a wrap nor a case since it doesn’t require time to install or add additional bulk. AirMask™ offers a very unique 360º protection on all areas which needs to be covered which includes the screen. Installation is absolutely fool proof and it only takes a few seconds to apply. As an added bonus, AirMask™ only weighs a mere 10 grams and is 0.3mm thin, which is the lightest and thinnest in comprehensive protection. You won’t even feel it when it’s on your phone!

3H Tough.

The outer shell of AirMask™ is made from specially formulated polymer mixed with polycarbonate to increase hardness and durability. The result is a compound with a hardness of 3H, which can resist normal day to day scratches from keys to coins. You can now safely leave your iPhone on your desk or in your pocket, worry free!

360° Protection.

AirMask™ is the only product which offers comprehensive protection weighing under 10 grams. For people who don't like phone cases yet wanted protection, AirMask™ is the answer. Our unique 3D top and bottom shell design offers unique 360° protection to your iPhone 6.

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