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Confidence and wellness start with good posture. Get an impressive posture by training with the UPRIGHT GO

The UPRIGHT GO posture trainer is a unique, smart personal trainer that works by itself or with an app on your iPhone or iPad to help you improve your posture. The discreet device attaches to your back and helps detect when you're slouching. UPRIGHT GO's goal is to train you to achieve and maintain perfect posture. Having good posture or upright posture can help decrease neck and back pain and boost productivity. And by wearing the UPRIGHT GO, you can maintain a consistently correct upright posture through daily posture training—creating a lifelong habit.

Designed for all day wear, UPRIGHT GO is an inexpensive solution that fits with any lifestyle to correct and prevent poor posture. Its slim, elegant design easily attaches to your upper back and employs a sensor that uses a learning algorithmic model to detect your body’s movements, upper body position, and other postural nuances. It emits a gentle vibration whenever you slouch, helping to train you to sit or stand with correct upright posture. You can also put the device into Tracking Mode to record posture data without emitting vibrations.

UPRIGHT GO also offers Instantaneous feedback and personal training programs, as well as an excellent in-app customer care team that helps motivate you to achieve your posture goals and decrease back pain.


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