MOCOLL 2.5D Tempered Glass Protector for Huawei Y7


MOCOLL 2.5D Tempered Glass Protector for Huawei Y7

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Size:Y7 (2019)


Anti Scratch: 9H hardness, means Mocoll tempered glass can't be scratched by daily objects, such as key, pen, steel knife, etc.

Anti Fingerprint: Mocoll tempered glass produced with oleophobic coating, can reduce fingerprint or oil, leave you a clear screen.

Quick Response: Mocoll selects best glass and glue to screen protector, make the response speed follow your touch.

  • Highly durable extremely scratch and scuff resistant.
  • High-clarity appearance.
  • Real touch sensitivity.
  • Marks and fingerprints wipe away easily.
  • 100% bubble-free.
  • 99.99% High-definition clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints.